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Human Rights, Peace Building and Conflict Management

The voices of women and children in conflict management and resolution are largely ignored, yet women and children bear the most burdens in times of conflict.

Friends of Orphans have created a forum for women and children to express their views on peace building, conflict management and human rights.

FRO trains peace builder’s educators - who are able to instruct, educate and also monitor human rights’ violation – and community groups.

Friends of Orphans games and sports for peace and development program

Friends of Orphans runs games and sports program to help in peace building and reconciliation among the people of northern Uganda who have been at war for over 23 years.

“Friends of Orphans games and sports for peace is not about medals, not about world champions and not about price money:  Its sports for a better world,” 

Games and sports for peace development program is targeted at young men, women and the communities in the war affected areas of Northern Uganda. Games and sports for peace development program is aimed at using games and sports as a critical tool in fostering peace and reconciliation among the war affected communities in Northern Uganda. Games and sports is one such intervention which has capability of not only developing psychosocial well-being and talents of young children and youth, but can foster peace and reconciliation, reintegration and shared values in society.

Games and sports for peace development program helps in strengthening the psychosocial well-being and mental development of the vulnerable youths, children and the communities affected by war in Northern Uganda.

FRO supports many different games and sports teams in northern Uganda through training, supplies of games and sports equipment and holds games and sports competitions, which draws teams from many different communities – this encourages interaction and engenders a sense of community. 

During the training of different groups, peace building themes and human rights issues are always discussed to encourage the team to engage in peace buildings leading to reconciliations of the different communities. Some of the team members are former abductees and orphans who grew up in violent situations and engaging them in peace building activities helps in furthering their rehabilitation and reintegration in to the communities.

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Friends of Orphans music, dances, drama and cultural activities for peace and development program

The involvement of music, dances, drama and cultural activities in peace building, conflict management and reconciliation lead to confidences building, and restoring lost hope and social reintegration among the community.

It helps communities plan and manage social function that promote social cohesion and healing in society using music, drama and dance (MDD) with particular interest in conflict sensitive themes that brings families and communities together to promote interdependence co-existence aimed at creating demand for peace.

FRO helps different community groups in cultural activities, dance, drama and music and hold competitions to bring different communities together. This crates forum for dialogue where different peace actors are able to share their experience and view. 

The music, dances, drama and cultural activities for peace and development program is aimed at strengthening the reconciliation initiatives without which lasting and sustainable peace will be hard to come by. Because this forum bring together different categories of people affected by conflict from different communities together.

Music may achieve the highest level of all mission, it may be a boned between nations, races and states who are strangers to one another in many ways, it may unite what is disunited and bring peace to what is hostile “Marks Ben diner” .

Friends of Orphans supports different music, dances, drama and cultural groups with training in drama, dances and music, supply music equipment and costumes etc. These groups’ sings songs do music, dances, drama and cultural activities which encourage the communities to engage in peace building and reconciliations among them. 

The activities aims at creating disciples for peace building and conflict prevention in the communities of northern Uganda; because lasting peace can only be achieved when conflict transformation is done through people affected by violent conflict and they own the process.

When I hear music, I fear no danger, I am invulnerable. I see no foe; I am related to the earliest times and to the latest. “Henry David Thoreau”

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