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Community Healthcare Service

Healing and transforming life through provision of quality healthcare services.

Friends of Orphans believe that the strength of a community rely on the health of that community. In Northern Uganda the most recurring outcry from the communities is the urgent need for affordable health care. Friends of Orphans is building a modern, cost-effective hospital that will provide treatment to expectant mothers, children and local communities in the Northern Region. The hospital will have the capacity to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases. The hospital will operate 24 hours to reflect the needs of the communities and will be stocked with most of the needed medicine for necessary treatment.

Pregnant women need education, efficient and quality healthcare services that can only be provided in a hospital environment. They need clean and safe place and a friendly environment where they can deliver with joy, respect and dignity. Most of the deaths and disabilities attributable to childbirth are avoidable because the medical solutions are well known. The challenge that remains is therefore not technological but strategic and well organized hospital.

The over two-decade war in northern Uganda gave birth to many strange diseases, which had never been experienced before in the region. For example, nodding disease, Hepatitis B and E, Ebola, and others. All these diseases and others need quick interventions and early diagnosis for treatment to be monitored at their earliest stages. 

Clinical and midwives school attached to the hospital

To realize the Uganda government goal to train clinical officers and midwives, the hospital will have a school that will strategically recruit and train clinical officers and midwives. Students from areas where maternal mortality rates are high will be encourage to participate in the three-year training. The graduates will serve as the epicenters of maternal health in their communities. Clinical officers and midwives are usually the first line of defense in rural communities.


Hubs for community development

A healthy community is a vibrant community.

The hospital will become hubs for a whole range of community development measures, including healthcare services, training and learning opportunities, psychosocial support services, educational opportunity, knowledge sharing, mentorship, marketing and building networks for growth.



Friends of Orphans addresses gender violence and harmful cultural practice in relation to the spread of HIV/AIDS. We work with a range of stakeholders to ensure all voices are represented.

We provide HIV/AIDS home-based care, support and prevention amongst the community of Pader and Agago districts. 

We provide care to people who are dying of AIDS so that their last weeks, days, hours are free from pain, humiliation and indignity.

We support people living with HIV/AIDS to educate themselves and share information with the broader community on prevention, treatment, care and the elimination of stigma.

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