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Awards and Recognitions

Friends of Orphans is the recipient of several awards and recognitions around the world including:

In 2008 World of Children based in California, Recognized Friends of Orphans with Humanitarian Award

The Award recognizes organisations that has made significant contributions to the rights of children in the areas of social services, education or humanitarian services. 

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IREX Founder's Day Award

In 2012 IREX, US states department in Washington DC, Recognized Ricky for his outstanding work of making the world a better place for others with IREX Founder’s Day Award. Every year IREX presents an award to an individual who exemplifies the spirit of its motto of “Make a Better World”. 

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Children Protection Award

In 2016, Pader District Local Government in Uganda, recognized Friends of Orphans with Child Protection Award. An award given to organisations working to improve the life of children.

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Social Workers Award

2022 Social workers award from Arts of Living based in India. Anywar Ricky Richard was recognized by Arts of Living for his service as a social worker who has supported, saved and transformed many lives in Uganda.


Freedom Award

In 2008 Free the Slaves based in Washington DC, Recognized Friends of Orphans with Freedom Award. The Award is given to organisations that is demonstrating how slavery can be dismantled and destroyed. 


Pan African Award

In 2016 Teach a Man to Fish based in UK, recognized Friends of Orphans with Pan African award. Pan African award is given to organisations that is providing entrepreneurship skills to the youth. 

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Reach for Change Award

2017 C10 Award from Reach for Change, in Sweden: The award recognizes organizations working to protect children.

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Prosperity, Liberty and Patriotism Award

2022 Prosperity, Liberty and Patriotism Award from Supreme Honor Association. The association uses honory as the most effective means of transferring and multiplying talents, grace, skills, gifts, inheritance, powers, wisdom and knowledge for transformation of lives.

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